H&T Tools, LLC - Innovations in Home Maintenance

H&T Tools is a cutting edge company that is devoted to simplifying home maintenance. With our line of products you will see a noticeable difference in utility bills, the time it takes to complete these projects, and overall mood of those who are enlisted to complete them.  


The EZClean System was invented in 2010 with the everyday consumer in mind. With tight budgets, unexpected repairs can be a financial strain. This one of a kind water heater cleaner is efficient, economical and easy to use. How well a water heater functions is not on anyone's priority list - until it begins to lose its effectiveness or quits altogether. When a water heater ceases to work, the household becomes difficult to maintain. Hot water not only provides showers but it also sanitizes and assists in proper home care.

By purchasing the EZClean System, power is restored to the consumer to determine if he/she really needs a plumber. When used every four (4) months, the EZClean System keeps the water heater running at its best lowering electrical costs while decreasing the likelihood of premature breakdowns. Quarterly cleaning also removes tank sediment which can end up in household tap water used for cooking and cleansing raw foods.

Let your water heater know who is boss!